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We have gathered a bunch of interesting promotions so you don't have to waste your time searching for them.

Please pay close attention to the terms and conditions of these promotions, so you avoid situations such as you had to do something prior to depositing to get the bonus.

The promotions are divided in 2 groups: Welcome Bonus and On-going promotions.

The Welcome Bonus section is for players that are starting up or are looking to open a new account on casinos.

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Thanks for visiting our online casino guide. This guide is simple and old school. The idea here is to give you information so you don't get yourself on traps while opening a new account in a casino or even while playing for real.

Please note that we don't know everything but we are one of the first casino portals out there. In fact, this portal has been online since 1999 when the online casinos became popular.

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